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Camera submerged 40 feet deep in lake captures large fish just drifting past


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An action camera suspended deep in a Canadian Lake recorded some interesting footage before being brought back to the surface. Sent down to see what lies at the bottom of the lake neear a family cottage, this camera was tied to a rope and suspended from a float. It was placed just off the bottom. The owner of this GoPro was curious about what lurked in the depths so he set the camera on record and let it down. He pulled it back up a few feet and let it drift on a marker buoy, much like bait on a bobber. It didn't take long before two large, and curious bass came drifting past. They seemed to be checking out the camera as they passed in front of it. These are smallmouth bass which can grow to well over two feet in length and can weigh over 10 pounds. They are a welcome sight in any lake and a favorite of sport fishermen. They fight like champions, often leaping in the air and dancing on the surface. They are also well loved by nature enthusiasts who simply enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. Curious enough to approach a human in the water, or swim slowly past a drifting boat, they are often seen in most lakes throughout North America. Highly intelligent, some people even train these fish to take food from their hands. Many cottage docks have a resident bass or two who hangs out underneath and makes the occasional appearance. Suspending a camera on a rope to see what is at the bottom of a mysterious lake can provide many surprises. You'd be likely to see fish of all sorts, and in the shallows, you would possibly even capture footage of beavers and aquatic birds as they hunt.

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